Membership Inquiries

The Widows Sons is a Masonic riding association. To become a member of the Cornerstone, Hesperian or Wayfarers Chapters, an applicant must meet the following criteria:

  1. Must be a Master Mason in good standing, an Entered Apprentice or a Fellow Craft actively pursuing your Master Mason Degree in a Colorado Masonic Lodge.
  2. Must possess a valid motorcycle endorsement on driver’s license.
  3. Must own a street legal motorcycle with no less than a 650cc/39ci engine displacement.
  4. Must maintain valid Colorado state required insurance for the motorcycle being ridden.

If you are interested in pursuing membership, and meet the requirements above, you may fill out the form below for more information.

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    Highest Masonic Degree attained? (required)
    1st2nd3rd or higherNot a Freemason

    Is your motorcycle 650cc/39ci or larger? (required)

    Do you have a valid motorcycle endorsement and state required insurance to operate a motorcycle in the State of Colorado?

    Which Chapter are you interested in? (required)
    Cornerstone Grand ChapterHesperian (western slope)Wayfarers (south)Not sure

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