Feb ’13 Meeting

Our February meeting will be held at Red and Jerry’s on Saturday 2-16-13 at 10 AM in Sheridan.

We’ll start with breakfast by pre-ordering from the menu in the attachment to this email.  Your order will be served at 10 AM and we’ll move immediately into the meeting.   This will save us and them time and we’ll be able to get out earlier than usual.  This will be handy for some of you who are planning a lodge visit in the afternoon.

Take a look at the menu and email your order back to Steve as soon as you can.  He’ll place your order tomorrow with Red and Jerry’s.

Look for the sign in the foyer of Red and Jerry’s directing you to the Colorado Room.

If you know a Master Mason who rides, please feel free to bring him along.  Wives and GF are always welcome!!

Look forward to seeing you there.

Please check the Events Calendar for more details.